Graduate Theses

LUX and LZ

(2024) Casey Rhyne – “Development of Tagged Low Energy D- and H-Based Scintillator Reflector Neutron Sources and Characterizations of a D-D Neutron Generator for Calibrations of the LZ Detector”, pdf, Brown repository

(2022) Will Taylor – “Neutron Calibrations and Activation Signals in Low-Background Liquid Xenon Dark Matter Detectors”, pdf, Brown repository

(2019) Dongqing Huang – “Ultra-Low Energy Calibration of the LUX and LZ Dark Matter Detectors”, pdf, Brown repository


(2016) James Verbus – “An Absolute Calibration of Sub-1 keV Nuclear Recoils in Liquid Xenon Using D-D Neutron Scattering Kinematics in the LUX Detector”

(2014) Jeremy Chapman – “First WIMP Search Results from the LUX Dark Matter Experiment”

(2014) David Malling – “Measurement and Analysis of WIMP Detection Backgrounds, and Characteri- zation and Performance of the Large Underground Xenon Dark Matter Search Experiment”

(2013) Carlos Faham – “Prototype, Surface Commissioning and Photomultiplier Tube Characterization for the Large Underground Xenon (LUX) Direct Dark Matter Search Experiment”

(2010) Luiz de Viveiros – “Optimization of Signal versus Background in Liquid Xe Detectors Used for Dark Matter Direct Detection Experiments”


(2008) Peter Sorensen – “A Position-Sensitive Liquid Xenon Time-Projection Chamber for Direct Detection of
Dark Matter: The XENON10 Experiment”


(2006) Michael Attisha – “Cryogenic Dark Matter Search (CDMS II) – Application of Neural Networks and Wavelets to Event Analysis”